Imperial Trading Co. Ltd.
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Since 1951, Imperial Trading of Montreal, Canada has offered a wide variety of well priced, quality wholesale dry goods, to clothing retailers, general stores, and department stores. We are able to sell to large department stores, and yet give attention to the small retailer in the remote towns, and rural locations.

Located in Montreal, the heart of Canada's oldest garment district, we have access to the best of the locally manufactured goods from top Canadian manufacturers, as well as a good selection of imports.

We are your source for clothing (men's, ladies', children's), and linens. We also specialize in industrial supply of linens, workwear, and articles used in promotions (e.g. T-shirts, sweat-shirts).

Our customers include independent (large and small) retailers, chain-stores, institutions (e.g. homes for the aged), and commercial/industrial establishments.

We offer flexible options for both for payment and shipping to make it easy to get the goods to you, with the least delay. Our shipping minimums are also flexible, but you must weigh the trade-off between shipping costs and size of order.

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